Will the Interventions and Student and Parent Reports be saved for use for next year?

A student's intervention(s), along with their current data, is saved from year to year so as to provide continuity for instruction.

Student Reports also are saved. When you access the Individual Reports, you can view all of the student’s test/measures taken. Here you can also select to look at just This Year, Last Year or All Data. If the graphs are not immediately visible, scroll down the page. At this site you can see the student’s graphed results.

The Parent Report only cover the results of a current academic school year’s worth of benchmark testing. It is found in the Deluxe version and is intended to show ‘current year’ data. The system gets reset each summer and does not pull data after an academic year has ended. That date is June 30th. The data, though, still exists (and can be printed for parents) through the Individual Report feature (Reports –> Individual –>, then click on a student’s name and select –> Benchmark History).

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