How do I remove a test or measure and un-assign it to a group or student?

Think of this task as un-assigning a measure to a student or a group. You will need to work backwards from how you assigned it.

If you login to your account, go to the measures section and select the grade of the measure you want removed. Scroll down the page to the name of the measure you want removed. To the right of that name is the Take Online option. If the box next to it is checked you can either uncheck that box all together or you can select it even farther by clicking on the Show Options button which will give you a drop down menu of all of the students or groups that have been assigned that particular measure. Just uncheck the box next to the person/group you no longer want to take the test and the assessment will be removed for testing.

Once this is done, that test will no longer appear as an option for your students/groups to take.

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