Mar 16, 2020 Announcement

The U.S. is experiencing an unprecedented number of school closures in response to the Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19) pandemic. As an online system, easyCBM is accessible from any computer with an internet connection. Thus, it is possible for students to be assessed from home. Teachers should consider several cautions, however, before requesting their students go online to take their test.

  • Adult supervision - somebody needs to be designated to ensure that students are taking their own, and not anybody else's tests. In schools, this is done by having the teacher monitor students when they are testing. If students are taking tests at home, a parent/guardian should supervise the testing environment to make sure that the student has selected his/her own name as opposed to a classmate's name when taking an online test.
  • Ratio of teaching/learning days to testing days. The easyCBM assessments are intended to be used to monitor the progress students make over the course of the year as they receive instruction. Should school closures disrupt students' opportunity to learn, maintaining the same testing schedule may not make sense. Teachers might need to adjust the frequency of the assessments to fit students' learning opportunities.
  • Fluency tests (e.g., LS, WRF, PRF) need to be administered one-on-one by someone trained in how to administer and score such measures. It is possible for parents/guardians to administer these tests under the direction of the child's teacher. In this scenario, the person administering the test would send the results to the teacher, who would then enter the data on easyCBM.
  • Under no circumstances should teachers share their log-in credentials with parents/guardians. easyCBM data falls under the same FERPA regulations as teachers' grade books, and it's important that access to student data is limited to those people who have a legitimate right to see those data.

If a teacher would like to work with parents to have students take the online easyCBM measures, they would instruct parents to have their children log on to and then click in the "Student Log In" portal on the left side of the homepage. From there, they will enter the teacher's Username, then select their Group, then select the test they want to take, then select their name (just as they would if accessing the assessments at school).

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