Does easyCBM meet state regulations related to Student Data Privacy?

The easyCBM system is made available by the University of Oregon. The University of Oregon takes the protection of student data very seriously. All easyCBM data are transmitted and stored securely, no student data are ever sold or shared with others, districts and teachers retain ownership and control over all their data and have the ability to delete student records if a parent should request that they do so, and it is standard operating procedures here to refer any inquiry about student data to the school/District where the student is enrolled.

The University of Oregon maintains the data that you provide on secure servers. Access to your account's data is password protected and restricted by the University to you as the account holder. We do not release the data without your written permission, except as required by law, regulation, subpoena, or administrative process. It is your responsibility to maintain security for the user names and passwords within your account. The University does not sell, share, rent, or trade personal information with any third parties.

Many schools do use student names and student IDs in the easyCBM system. You, as the account holder, retain control over your students' data. You should guard your username and password carefully, in the same way you would guard access to an electronic grade book or your school district email account.

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