We must verify COPPA (Child Online Privacy Protection Act) compliance annually. Please confirm your company is compliant in regards to this and describe your process for deleting student information from school year to school year.

The easyCBM Teacher Deluxe and Lite Edition systems limit access to student data to the teacher who has signed up for the account and entered the student data in the system. Within both of these systems, the teacher (account holder) retains control over student data: adding students, deleting students (when students are deleted, so too are all the data associated with them).

Many teachers work with the same students from year to year, so for them, it is important to be able to retain access to their students' data. Many more delete their students' records at the end of each year, in preparation for adding new students the following fall.  If a district requires teachers not to carry over student records from year to year, teachers should be instructed to delete the records at the end of the school year to comply with district requirements.

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