Individually Administered Reading Measures

The timed individually administered reading measures are given offline then the results entered into the system. The students read a hard copy while the teacher follows along, recording student responses on a separate form. Student responses are entered into the system and the system then graphs the results in the Reports section. The downloadable student and teacher copies can be found under the Measures tab located to the right of the measure name.

To learn how to administer a timed assessment, login to your account and on the upper right-hand side of your dashboard there is a Resource tab. Click on this link, then select the Legacy Training Site, then click on Here you can select the measure you want to administer.

To enter a timed score into the system, login into your account then return to where the forms were downloaded under the Measures tab. To the far right of the measure name is the link to enter scores. Please remember to click on the Save button in order for the scores to be recorded.

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