Can the font on the Parent Reports be increased?

At the present time, there's no easy fix or change for the font size in the Parent Report. We agree the font does look small on that page. We do have it on our tech to-do list to redesign all of our reports, but unfortunately, that is still a ways out.

There are a few things you can try. In your print settings, you might be able to increase the amount of the paper that's used for printing, but the setting will be called something different for different setups. On a Mac, printing from Preview, you can switch it from "Print Entire Image" to "Fill Entire Paper", and that helps a little bit. There should be a similar setting in Windows.

Beyond that, you'd have to enlarge it in other ways, like using a photocopier to double the size and print it to two letter-sized sheets of paper. If you have a secure way to deliver an electronic PDF file to the parents (like a parent portal-not through email because it isn't a secure medium, and the report includes confidential student info). The parents could view the file on their own computers, where they could zoom in as much as they needed to.

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