Can I see the percentile score in the free easyCBM Lite account?

Yes, both the Lite and Deluxe version give you the ability to not only see the percentiles lines but to set these lines at the percentile of your choosing.

The percentile lines on the graph indicate general percentile guidelines. This feature is found via your dashboard, by selecting the Admin tab, then the system settings link.

If you login to your account and go to the Reports tab you’ll notice two documents for download, located in the upper right hand corner of the gray Reports and Analysis box, called Progress Monitoring Scoring Guidelines and Detailed Percentage Table.

​Looking at the Progress Monitor Scoring Guidelines, here is how you find the percentile rank ‘goes with’ a particular score:

  1. Find the measure you are interested in
  2. Find the grade you are interested in
  3. Find the “benchmark” season you are interested in
  4. Find the “score” you are interested in (4th column in) or the “Percentile” you are interested in and
  5. Look up the ‘Percentile” (if you were trying to figure out what specific percentile rank goes with a particular score) or
  6. Look up the ‘Score’ (if you were trying to figure out what specific score goes with a particular percentile rank).
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