DIBELS: easyCBM Still Available

The easyCBM math measures are definitely still available. Depending on your needs, there are actually two different ways you can access them.

The easyCBM program has two versions with the full array of math tests. One version is for individual teachers,,Teacher Deluxe. There is a 200 student limit on Deluxe accounts. The Teacher Deluxe account has a $49.99 annual fee. The Deluxe account includes both progress monitoring and benchmark assessments as well as additional measures and features.

The second full-resolution version, the District version of easyCBM, is intended for an entire school district, and is managed by our partners at Riverside Insights. For details and pricing information about this version, please visit Riverside Insights. The District Version has a per-student annual license and is the best choice for schools / districts with more widespread use / the desire to have access to historical data for their student body.

In both versions, you'll find both Basic Math measures (intended for students performing far below grade level proficiency) and Proficient Math measures (best for universal screening and for monitoring the progress of students who are performing below / near grade-level proficiency but who are receiving instruction focused on helping them accelerate their learning.

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