How do I erase student data from previous years?

There is no quick way to remove or wipe clean a student's previous data. You do have the option to either remove the data from each student by accessing their Assessment History and deleting each item one by one or you can change a setting in the Reports section to only view "This Year's" data (the data will not be removed, just your view of when the data was taken. Both will involve going student by student to enact a change. There is no option setting for do this for "All" students.

To permanently delete data from a student's record, you will need to go to their Assessment History. To find this, login to your account and go to the Student tab. Next locate the student name in the “Students” column to the right. To the right of the student name, there is a blue magnifying glass icon. Click on this icon and a summary list of assessments for that student will appear in a drop-down window.

If the assessment information is not immediately visible in the window, scroll down the page to find the list. Assessments that have a season in their title (Vocabulary 3_Fall) are benchmark tests and those that end with an underscore and number (Basic Reading 4_1) are progress monitoring measures.In this setting, there is also an option to delete a student record. If you look to the right of the measure name you will see a trash can icon. If you select a measure for deletion, a pop-up window will ask, Are you certain you want to remove this test?  If you click OK, the measure will permanently be deleted from your account. You will need to delete each item in the list in order to remove it from their record. Please note that data this is deleted cannot be retrieved. It will permanently be deleted.

To keep the data intact but only view data that is added to the account this year, you can select a setting to limit the view.

If you login to your account and click on the Reports tab, then the Individual’s tab, you will be directed to a page with a list of your students and the assessments they have taken.

If you click on a student name, there in the upper right hand corner of the page will be a selection option that includes This Year, Last Year, and All Data. If you select the This Year option, you will only be able to view the assessments the student has taken for the current academic year.

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