We would like to continue using your easyCBM product. Is there any way you could help me switch our account so we can continue using the product?

If you are choosing to move from the DIBELS to the easyCBM system, the next step is to determine which type of account you want.

While the DIBELS program uses our easyCBM measures in their program, its layout and function are different. We invite you to explore our program to learn more about it.

easyCBMh has three program options: easyCBM Lite, Teacher Deluxe, and the District version. This support site handles the individual teacher Lite and Deluxe accounts. All of the accounts have the option to administer tests either manually (hard copy) or digitally. Also included in all programs are both reading and math measures.

The Lite version ( easyCBM Lite Teachers Manual) has fewer types and numbers of measures. The Lite program also only has progress monitoring measures. The Deluxe version has not only a greater number and type of measures (vocabulary, Spanish, and math assessments written to align with two different sets of national mathematics standards: the National Council of Teachers of Mathematics (NCTM) Focal Point Standards and the Common Core State Standards in Math), it also has features like roster uploads, benchmark testing, parent reports, and an intervention template.

The District version, manages by our partners at Riverside Insights ( Riverside Insights), has all that the Deluxe version has with more features like a private secure URL, various levels of teacher and admin access, and the ability to manage your own district-wide account.

There is no demo site for our easyCBM Teacher Deluxe version (easyCBM Teacher Deluxe Users Manual) though we have a easyCBM Facebook Page (click on Photos) which does show some examples of the measures found with the Deluxe version of easyCBM. This would give you an option to view some of the measures present in the system. We also have a comparison chart between the three programs (Comparison Between easyCBM Programs).

While we don’t have a demo Deluxe account you can use, you could create a free Lite account to get started and become familiar with our program by viewing the layout and reviewing the Resource tab and accessing the detailed Help desk link available to you in the upper right-hand corner of the Lite account dashboard.

The Lite and Deluxe Teacher manuals outline what the programs cover and a comparison chart between the three easyCBM programs shows the types of measures offered. The Getting Started document helps in setting up and using the easyCBM Lite and Deluxe programs for student testing.

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