Are there updates to the program that go along with this price increase?

We're working on a couple of updates now, to be released this summer. Chief among them is a new interface for "batch printing" parent reports as well a a variety of behind-the-scenes changes that will help keep the system working correctly (we're in the process up re-writing large sections of the codebase because some of the programming languages that the system uses have been updated, which requires updates in the code in order for them to continue to function). Although people using the system won't notice any changes, the behind-the-scenes programming updates represent a major allocation of resources over the past six months... work that will continue over the summer to ensure that the system remains current and viable.

Overall, the price increase simply reflects an increase in the cost of doing business. All the data are now securely stored on encrypted Amazon cloud-based servers, with regular back-ups and near instantaneous "load balancers" deployed when a lot of people are accessing the system simultaneously. This is the first price increase we've had in nearly 15 years, and we don't anticipate needing to raise the price again for many years to come.

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