Troubleshooting: My screen goes dark when I try to add or delete a student.

This is a problem we have not been able to reproduce from our end but we do have something to try.

Open your account in Chrome and then put it in the Incognito mode.

Generally browser extensions are disabled in Incognito mode. This is a test to see if one of the browser extensions is causing this issue. Incognito mode may help you find out if/which of your extensions is causing this issue so you can remove it.

To open your account in this new window:

1. Go to the 3 vertical dots in the top right corner

2. Click on “New Incognito Window”

To see a list of extensions go to the url: chrome://extensions

Now that you've done the quick incognito mode test, you should start by confirming the issue by turning off all extensions on this screen, restarting your browser, and checking easycbm to see if the issue is fixed. If so, then you can begin re-enabling the extensions and checking one by one. That should tell you which extension is breaking the websites you are visiting.

It may also be that your computer is managed by your school/district, so if you run into any problems accessing this screen and turning things on/off, you’ll likely have to refer this issue to your IT/support staff

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