Progress Monitoring Reports

To look at your progress monitoring testing results, you will have two sections for viewing the scores. Both areas are found in the Reports section under the Groups and Individual tabs.

If you login to your account and click on the Reports tab you will see three tabs. Here you will want to look at the Groups and Individual tabs. First click on the Groups tab and a list of group names will appear. Click on the name of the group you want to review and then scroll down the page to the section named CBMs. Here will be a list of all of the CBM measures taken by your selected group. All of the group scores reside here so you can look at their collective results. Now choose the name of CBM measure by clicking on it then scroll down the page to the Summary section. Here will be the group results in graph form, item analysis, and if you scroll to the bottom of the page, individual student results.

To view a given student's scores go to the Reports tab, click on the Individuals tab and select a student from the list by double-clicking their name. There will be a setting near the upper right-hand section that lets you choose the range of data to look at: This Year, Last Year, and All Data. After making your selection, scroll down the page to see both the graphed results and the actual student test.

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