How do I see a group report of all my student responses?

You can view all of the responses for a particular measure in a group report. When teachers select this report, they have access to detailed information about a specific test their students have taken. To get to the report page, teachers click on the name of a test that their students have taken and then scroll down the page to get to the report that opens the list of tests taken.

The first piece of information teachers see gives them a visual of how heterogeneous the classroom is at the time of the assessment. If students ‘clump together’ in similar skill groupings, it is likely they can effectively meet their instructional needs with whole-class instruction. When teachers have one or a few students who score significantly lower (or higher) than their peers, they may need to investigate opportunities to differentiate instruction to better meet their specific skill-based needs.

Underneath the bar chart, teachers see an Item Analysis list. For all the tests with individual item scores (math, comprehension, etc.), this list provides them with additional information specific to the class. It informs teachers of the specific assessment objective for each item on the test and lists the items in order, from the items students found easiest to those students found most challenging.

Student Report example

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