When were the reading stories written and when will they be updated?

Some of the MCRC and PRF stories included in the easyCBM system were written in 2006 (grades 3-4), others between 2007 and 2010 (grades 2-5, and about half of the grade 6-8 measures), while still others were written in between 2011 - 2016 (all the CCSS Reading stories, and about half of the PRF and MCRC measures for grades 6-8). The earlier copyright is used on all the measures because that is a legal requirement of the University, establishing that the system was copyrighted at that early date (this can sometimes be a consideration in case someone attempts to claim ownership of university-owned material).

The system was all created through federal grant funds, and the federal $ for education funding has been much leaner in recent years, so grant proposals to add additional measures to the system have so far not met with success, although we continue to try.

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