Activating and Accessing the easyCBM Spanish Measures in the Deluxe Version

In the Teacher Deluxe version of easyCBM, there are Spanish measures for grades K-8. For math, there are Spanish translations and read aloud items for all grades. For reading, the measures available on easyCBM are as follows:

The Spanish measures do not automatically appear in your account when you purchase the Deluxe upgrade. They must be activated by you, with a setting in your account.

To activate the Spanish measures, first login to your account and click on the Admin tab, then go to the Account Management section and click on the System settings link. Now scroll down the page to the section called “Enable Measures and Features.” Click on the box to the left of “Spanish Math” and “Spanish Reading” then click on the “Update Settings” button to enable the Spanish measures.

All the math measures are automatically available in Spanish or English language versions. Once you activate the Spanish literacy measures, you'll have Spanish Syllable Segmenting, Spanish Syllable Sounds, Spanish Word Reading Fluency, and Spanish Sentence Reading Fluency (these last two are both Oral Reading Fluency measures) for the primary grades (K-2). In addition, for grades 2-8, you'll have access to Spanish vocabulary measures (which also assess reading comprehension due to the way they were designed).

Once your Spanish measures are activated, go to the Measures tab, select a grade, and then scroll down the page. These measures will be found in both the progress monitoring and benchmark assessments. The Spanish reading measures are found at the bottom of the list of Measures (below the Math measures) while the Spanish Math measures exist alongside their English counter-part.

For math, there are Spanish translations and read aloud items for all grades. All of the math measures are listed alongside the English ones, in a separate column. So when you scroll down the Measures page, you will find all of the math items (Spanish and English) grouped together.

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