As an adminisrator, how do I change the account usernames of my teachers?

We have strengthened our security protocols for student privacy protection and now process username changes through the easyCBM Lite/Deluxe Support Site.

Two things:

1. Our support site handles username changes. We usually limit this to the request of the account owner but we do make administrative exceptions when we receive written confirmation from the administrator.

2. We need a certain naming convention in our usernames to avoid glitches and confusion with our program (like not using email addresses and must be unique and not used with another account). We only use letters, numbers, hyphens, and underscores in our usernames.

If the account owner is no longer at your your school, or you are the administrator conducting the changes, we would need this request made to us with your school's letterhead and your name and title listed on it. This is due to student privacy, FERPA (Federal law that protects the privacy of student education records) guidelines.

If you have a digital letter template with your school's letterhead on it, and you can write your request on it and include your name and title on it, that will do. We have to establish this request is coming legitimately from your school and not a clever student or scammer.

Please include the current list of usernames along with the new usernames to be implemented.

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