Will my Deluxe automatically renew when it expires?

When a Deluxe subscription expires, the account will not renew automatically. What will happen is the account will revert back to a Lite account. The benchmark features and assessments become inactive and no longer appear in your account. The benchmark data will not be accessible because the features that display it will become inactive. The benchmark data will not be accessible because the features that displays it will become inactive but the data will remain in the system.

Since the Deluxe upgrade was made through a Lite account, the students and the Lite data remain intact even if the Deluxe upgrade expires.

If you want to keep your benchmark data, you can do so by either printing it off in the form of reports or download the information into a spreadsheet.

To export data, login to your account and go to the “Reports” section. Next choose the “Groups” tab. To the right of each group name is a link to do a “Data Export” by exporting a .csv file. Choose the group whose data you want to export and an Excel file in the .csv format will be downloaded to your desktop. A .csv format means a document has no formatting associated with it.

If you want the additional ability to do an analysis of your data, you will need to save this document in an .xls format. In an .xls format, you can calculate things like average scores for your class, and compare those to the score associated with the 50th percentile (‘on-grade performance’). If you are unsure how to calculate these or which formulas to use in Excel, please do a Google search for instructions.

If you would like to renew your Deluxe account, you can login to your existing account (reverted to Lite) by going to easyCBM.com and logging in . The cost is $49.99 annually and each account has a limit of 200 students total.

  1. To purchase a Deluxe Teacher account, create/login into your easyCBM Lite account.
  2. Next, click on the Admin tab at the top right of the Dashboard page.
  3. Go to the Account Management section and click on "Manage easyCBM Teacher Deluxe Subscription

Click on the “Upgrade” button in the middle of the page and you will be directed to the QuickPAY form in a new tab where you can enter your payment information (which is outlined in the payment guide). Once you click on the QuickPay option you’ll be given the option to pay by either eCheck or credit card. Since we do not accept Purchase Orders or checks in the mail this provides you the opportunity to send your check electronically. When you select the e Check option, all you do is enter your check information online. You do not need to sign-up for a special service or program.

If you purchase a Deluxe upgrade you have a two week trial period where you can determine if this version works for you, If, at the end of that period, you find it does not then write to us requesting a refund and please include your digital receipt so we can process your request.

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