How do I manually administer and enter a progress monitored timed test?

One-minute timed reading tests have to be entered manually and you have an option to enter the student responses or just the total scores. If you want to know how to score a timed test,
login to your account and go to the Resource tab. When you click on this tab, a drop-down window will appear. Here you can choose to view the training videos that will assist you in administering the timed tests.

To locate the measures for testing and/or entering of scores, go to the Measures tab on your account dashboard. It will default to the Progress Monitoring tab in the Lite account. For Deluxe accounts you will need to choose between the Benchmark tab (to enter Benchmark scores see: How do I manually enter benchmark scores into the system?) or the Progress Monitoring one. Choose the Progress Monitoring tab then select the grade and click the Enter Scores link to the right of the name of the timed measure.

To print off a progress monitoring measure, go to the “Measures” tab and click on the grade of the test you want to administer (the numbered box located just to the right of the header “Grade”). Now scroll down the page until you locate the name of the assessment you wish to administer. On the right-hand side you will see three columns: Student Copy, Assessor Copy and Take Online (with a checkbox for those assessments that can be administered online). To print off a measure just click on either Student Copy or Assessor Copy and the measure will appear on your desktop. Here, in the upper right hand corner, you have the option to print or download a copy of the assessment.

When you click on the Enter Scores link, you will be directed to a page where you can enter student responses or just the total scores.There are two features in this section you can select. The first one is the Show Stopwatch feature. This is located to the right of the Date students took the measure window. If you click on the box next to Show Stopwatches you will activate this feature for timing student tests. Now click on the green Start button in the stopwatch image when the student starts reading.To the right of the student name is an option for data entry. Click on the Total Words option and you will see the scoresheet located below.

Click on the Passage Text option and you will see the scoresheet located below where you can follow along while the student reads and score their responses by using the Mark box to the upper right hand side of the Data Entry sheet. Clicking on the Incorrect option will produce a mark you can place through the incorrect word. Clicking on the last word option is used to indicate the last word the student reads in the one-minute limit.

In either method of scoring, please make sure to click on the Save button in order to record the student scores/totals. Please do a save every time you enter a set of student scores and/or responses so the program doesn’t time you out and you lose data.

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