Troubleshooting: Problem when double-clicking and recording student errors on Chromebook

Within the easyCBM system, there is no underline option.

When using a Chromebook to track time and errors, a syntax error occurs when the word is double clicked to underline. The first click draws a line through it and the second click is supposed to underline.

The first click should put a line through the word (marking it as an error). If it is clicked again, the line should disappear ('erasing' the error). It is possible that the Chromebook being used has some additional features added to it, which the Chromebook is trying to insert over the top of easyCBM, but there is. no "underline" feature built into easyCBM.

If a problem occurs, it is very likely caused by the TDE page timing out. When the teacher goes to add the score, the application no longer knows who they are and throws a “syntax error” when they try to update a student that they don’t have access to. This is of course a guess without seeing the error. This issue might be solved by clicking to another page in the application, or “logging out” and logging back in.

If that doesn't solve the problem, could you give us the exact error message so we can research this further.


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