Trouble-Shooting: Read-Aloud Feature

All of the math items on easyCBM (audio files are served via the HTML5 Web Audio API using JavaScript) include a read-aloud option (grades K-8), but it does not describe any pictures or graphs that might be included in the item.

Students access this feature when they login online and take their assigned test.

Once a student has accessed their math test, the first screen they are directed to assists them in enabling the sound/read-aloud feature. After conducting a sound test, this feature will be enabled for a student.

The "audio read aloud" button should not need to be hit more than one time in order for it to work. The only time we've seen it not work correctly is when the internet in a particular setting is experiencing severe "loads" which reduces the bandwidth available for the audio files to stream. It is possible that the internet connection is struggling to load and play the audio files (because it is being used heavily and is running out of capacity). Hopefully, this will resolve itself and you will not continue to experience this issue.

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