Can I merge two duplicate students together?

There is no way to merge two students automatically.

We recommend you determine which of the two student accounts has fewer assessments associated with it, then print out the student's responses for each of the tests in that account. Then, enter those test scores, and the dates they were taken, under the student account you're planning to keep. Make sure that you have entered ALL the tests, with the appropriate dates taken, and then delete the student account that was accidentally added as a duplicate.

If that option is not feasible, you will need to make a distinction in naming between the two student names in order to lessen confusion with the student and your needs. Moving forward, you will have to have the student choose the name version which you determine is the best for your testing purposes.

In the future, the best course of action once a student is deleted, is to reach out to us and give us the name and grade of the deleted student, along with your account information. We most likely will be able to reactivate the student back into your account thus avoiding the possibility of duplication.

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