How do I remove the online tests that students see?

When you assign an online test to a student, or a benchmark test window is open on the Deluxe version, a student logs in to their portal and can then make test selections.

If you want to remove an assigned test so a student no longer has the option to take it, the steps you take are based on the type and version of easyCBM measures.

Progress Monitoring Measures (found on both the Lite and Deluxe Versions)

These tests are found under the Measures tab, under the tab called Progress Monitoring. They end with an underscore and number (i.e., Basic Reading 4_1).

To remove a test for student selection, go to the Measures and then the Progress Monitoring tab, select the grade and then scroll down through the measures. To the right of the measure name, there is a column named “Take Online”. If the box is checked in blue to the left of the Take Online feature, then the measure has been assigned. To see what Groups/Students have been assigned that measure, click on the “Show options” link. A drop-down menu will appear and those groups with a check in the box next to their name are the ones assigned that particular measure. If you click on the Take Online box instead of the Show options link, you will unassign the measure. Once the check is removed, the student no longer will have this test option, and it will be removed from the student’s selection list.

Benchmark Measures (found only on the Deluxe and District Versions)

These tests are found under the Measures tab, under the tab called Benchmarks. They end with an underscore and a season in their title (i. e. Vocabulary 3_Fall). To remove a benchmark test for student selection, you will need to close the benchmark testing window. The easyCBM Deluxe and District programs automatically assigns on-grade tests to students when the benchmark testing window is open. Teachers regulate this setting on the Deluxe system, while Districts control the setting for those using the District version.

To access this setting, first login to your account and go to the “Admin” tab. Next locate the “Account Management” section and click on System settings.

Now, scroll down to the Benchmark Window Settings. To close this setting, look at the ending date for the current testing window. This date needs to be before the current date. When the testing date is closed, this test option will be removed from the student’s selection list.

To see a list of tests a student is assigned, you will need to login to the student testing portal and pretend you are a student taking a test. To enter this portal, go to your Measures tab and click on the blue link, your username. To view the assigned tests, select the Group, Name, and Test drop-down options.



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