How do I print student reports?

Both the Lite and Deluxe programs have graphed results under the Reports section. All of the student's scores appear on the Individual reports for each student. Here you can even view the test the student took with correct/incorrect responses indicated. To either view or download (then print a student report)

To view, download (then print) a single student, click on the box to the left of the student name.

You can also select multiple students or a group. In both cases, when you click on the link, "View Reports for Selected Students", You can view both the student graphs and the actual student test.

Double-clicking on a name, or group, will take you to where you can view Student Reports (which includes all of the student’s tests taken). Here you can also select to look at just This Year, Last Year or All Data. If the graphs are not immediately visible, scroll down the page. Below the graph is the student's score and a link to view the student's actual graded test.

If you want to print a Student Report or Reports, then click on the link, "Download Parent Reports for Selected Students". This printable report will include all of the tests a student has taken. The table with a season listed in it are benchmark scores and the graphed results are progress monitoring scores.

If you are a Deluxe user, the first items displayed will be the Benchmark Data, followed by the Progress Monitoring Tests. If you have a Lite account, or you did not take your Benchmark tests in you Deluxe account, the initial data in the Parent Report will be blank. Keep scrolling down and you will find the Progress Monitoring Results in graph form.

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