Benchmark Tests: Administering a Timed Test and Entering Manual Scores

Scoring timed benchmark measures and manually entering data is similar to the progress monitoring testing (the difference being the location of where the data is entered).

Before entering test scores, double-check that your benchmark testing window is open. If it is closed you will not be able to enter scores: (

Manual Administration/Data Entry

If you administer the benchmark assessments in hard copy/paper and pencil format, then you can download the student copies of the tests to administer to students and then score them with the answer keys. These tests are located by going to your Measures tab and then clicking on the Benchmarks tab. Here you can choose a Benchmark Season to enter scores and access the answer keys.

Manually Entering Student Scores

After clicking on the "Enter Scores" icon, you will be directed to a page where you can enter student responses and scores. Verify the correct season is selected and then select the student's grade. Below the grade selection, choose your method of entry as either Total Score or Item-level Data. Make sure to select the language as either English or Spanish. "Save Scores" after each student is complete.

Entering a Total Score

If you want to enter just the total score, select "Total Scores" as in the example above, You will score the test (via the answer keys or one minute timed administration) and enter in the score to the right of each student's name. Pleaase "Save Scores" after each student is entered.

Entering Item Level Data

If you opt to score a benchmark test (via answer keys or timed test with a scoresheet and stopwatch), and want to know what the student's responses were, select the item level data option.

The student can use their printed hard copy test to records responses or timed student copy to recite what is on their test. Enter the student test responses and make sure to press the Save button after each student is entered.

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