What standards and focal points do the easyCBM mathematics assessments cover?

The key thing to know is that the Proficient Math measures are designed, intentionally, to be more challenging, while the Basic Math measures are designed, intentionally, to be much more accessible, with simplified wording and presentation and simpler concepts (for students truly struggling). ​​​​

The easyCBM math assessments available on the District and Teacher Deluxe accounts are written to align with two different sets of national mathematics standards: the National Council of Teachers of Mathematics (NCTM) Focal Point Standards and the Common Core State Standards in Math. The tests have substantial alignment to the content and performance standards adopted by all fifty U.S. states.

You can access the state-by-state alignment study results at: https://www.brtprojects.org/publications/technical-reports/

Some states have adopted the Common Core State Standards (CCSS) in Mathematics. For those who use those standards, we have prepared a secure read-only Google spreadsheet that shows standards alignment by test form and item. Across the benchmarks and progress-monitoring on the K-8 Proficient Math measure, items are balanced across CCSS domains, with approximately 2-4 items per CCSS standard.

The Proficient Math K-8 spreadsheets have tabs along the bottom of the main sheet organized by grade. Within each tab, the first column gives test form number (both progress monitoring [test forms 1-10] and benchmarks [BM1 = Fall, BM2 = Winter, and BM3 = Spring]), the second column gives the test item in the order they appear on each test form, and the remaining columns give the CCSS Domain and CCSS Cluster (Grades K-2) and CCSS Domain and CCSS Cluster and CCSS Standard (Grades 3-8). You can use this information to identify areas of weakness for students who have taken the Proficient Math benchmarks and under-performed, and to understand how all strands are represented on these fundamental skills benchmarks/progress-monitoring assessments.

Here is that Google Sheet:


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