Troubleshooting: The program is incorrectly scoring my student's test when I manually enter the answers. Is this a glitch?

Most likely what is happening is the wrong item is being entered into the system. If the letter placement of the answer such as a, b, and c is entered when it should be the actual answer, the system will score it incorrectly. This is because the answer options do automatically/randomly switch positions — this is an important tenant of Universal Design for Assessment and high quality selected-response item writing. Thus, when students are going over their answers and practicing, they should focus on their actual response (and not their choice of a, b, or c in the online test administration). The rotation of the answers is to help cut down on cheating should a student try and look at another student's screen or answer sheet.

If the student's actual responses are entered there should be a change in score. If the student is taking a manual test, the pdf version should be downloaded and the student record their answers on this sheet. Then you have a record of their actual response. You enter their responses into the system and the program will automatically score and graph the response. That is one of the reasons we do not offer an answer key. The program makes the adjustment in scoring rather it is taken online or recorded manually.

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