Uploading a Student Roster into a Deluxe Account

The easyCBM program does not automatically advance your student's grade at the beginning of a school year. It also does not advance or reorganize student groups. All of those need to be adjusted before testing can begin.

In the Deluxe version, there is a feature that will assist you in uploading a student roster rather than enter each student individually into the system. At the beginning of the school year, you can also use this feature to advance your student’s grade in school. Please note there are additional steps you will need to take if you are a returning Deluxe user. Both returning and new Deluxe users will need to follow the same directions for roster format in order for the program to upload your students correctly.

*IF YOU ARE A RETURNING DELUXE MEMBER, and already have students in your account, remember the new roster you are uploading will replace the existing students in your account unless you add your current students to your list of new students. This means you will need to add your new students into the file of students you want to remain in your account and advance their grade in school. If you download a list of your current students this will provide you with the correct upload template. Use this to also edit students you want to stay/delete from your account and then add your new students to this file. See get a list of your current student list in .csv format below.

Uploading a Student Roster

To access this feature, login to your account and click on the Admin tab and scroll down the page to the Student Records section. If you click on the upload student roster link, you will be directed to a page with instructions for preparing and uploading a student roster into your account. The roster that you are uploading must be in the format listed below.

If you are a returning Deluxe user, you will want to access this link (new users will not need this for there first roster upload). You will see this link at this location and it will be in blue letters: Click here to get a list of your current students in .csv () format to use as a template.

The upload feature works in conjunction with an Excel document that is "saved as" in a .csv format.

Starting with an open Excel spreadsheet document, the header or top cell in each of the 9 columns MUST match the header in the upload listed below in bold, and can only have the corresponding defined demographics. If you are a returning Deluxe user, this is the time to advance your existing student's grade in school. The easyCBM program does not automatically advance student grades. If a returning student's grade is not advanced, and they remain in the same grade, this will affect their ability to take tests.

1. Student ID

2. Last Name

3. First Name
4. Grade
5. Gender - M, F, Unknown
6. SPED (Special Education) - Y, N, Unknown
7. Ethnicity - Hispanic/Latino, Not Hispanic/Latino, Unknown
8. Race - American Indian or Alaskan Native, Asian, Black or African American, Native Hawaiian or Other

Pacific Islander, White, Two or more races, Unknown

9. ELL (English Language Learner) - Y, N, UnknownIt is crucial you provide the Student ID you want, if it is important, or the system will assign one to each of your students.Once this list is completed, make sure to save it in a .csv or comma separated values format. If everything is correct, your document will upload correctly. The system will upload your roster into the system in alphabetical order and have them all in an "All Student" group.

Once your roster is completed, you should be able to upload your student roster into your Deluxe account. To upload, login to your account and click on the Admin tab in the upper right-hand corner of your dashboard. Scroll down to the Students Records section and then click on Upload student roster.

You will be directed to the Student Roster Upload page. If you scroll to the bottom of the page you will be able to browse and select your prepared student roster then click on the Import/Sync Student Roster button.
If the roster has been formatted correctly, the upload will be successful. You will also need to reassign groups to students.

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