How do I limit the amount of assessments my students can select to take?

There are two components to giving student measures. The first comes with how students are grouped and the second looks at the assignment of tests.

First, grouping students organizes them for testing and reports. You can create as many “groups” as you’d like and students can exist in multiple groups. There is a system default group call "All Students" and this group includes every student in your account. One way to limit the tests students can select is to create a group and assign only students to that group you want to administer the same tests to.  The more select the amount of students in a group, the more specific the test selection can be.

Secondly, tests are assigned to students by either the system (the Deluxe account automatically selects on-grade tests for students when the testing window is open. These tests are identified by the name of the benchmark season in their title _Fall, _Winter, or _Spring) or by teachers. So teachers select and assign specific tests to groups.

For progress monitoring measures, online tests are assigned by the teacher and they will stay that way until the teacher removes the assigned assessment. If you are returning from last year, and have not cleared out all of the assigned tests to groups, it could be that old test assignments are still in place. To clear these tests, login to your account and go to the Measures tab, select a grade, then scroll through the page. In the example below you see a MCRC 3_1 test is assigned. To remove this test from the student selection of tests, uncheck the box under the Online column. Repeat this process for each grade.

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