Shorter Reading Comprehension Tests?

The Deluxe and District Editions include a second type of reading comprehension measure: Basic Reading. The Basic Reading passages are quite a bit shorter, and more simplistically written, to make them easier and more accessible than the Proficient Reading comprehension measures. These tests start at grade 3 and are offered through 8th grade.

One item to note, while grade 2 is where the Proficient Reading measures start, there are no grade 2 Basic Reading measures. That is because the Proficient Reading measures at grade 2 are already much simpler than the Proficient Reading measures at the other grades (the passages are approximately 700 words long rather than 1500 to 1800, there are only 12 questions rather than 20, and there are only literal and inferential questions rather than literal, inferential, and evaluative).

The Basic Reading measures are designed for students who are persistently struggling with reading comprehension and are consistently low-performing on the Proficient Reading measures relative to their peers.

The Basic Reading measures include three sub-tests, Short Literary Text, Informational Text, and Read to Perform a Task organized together into a comprehensive reading comprehension assessment.

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