easyCBM Programs

The easyCBM program has three versions. Two versions are for individual teachers, easyCBM Lite and Teacher Deluxe. There is a 200 student limit to both accounts.

easyCBM Lite (easyCBM Lite Teachers Manual) is free and just has progress monitoring assessments. The Lite Edition of easyCBM includes nine alternate test forms for each of three basic math domains per grade level. Each basic math form has 16 items that test many different problem types per grade.

easyCBM Deluxe includes an additional form for each of those grade level basic math domains as well as 13 additional more challenging proficient math forms per grade. The proficient math forms include 25 items in grades K-2 and 30 items in grades 3-5. The Teacher Deluxe account (easyCBM Teacher Deluxe Users Manual) has a $49.99 annual fee. The Deluxe account includes both progress monitoring and benchmark assessments as well as additional measures and features. Both programs can be of benefit to a classroom teacher (Comparison Between Lite and Deluxe versions).

easyCBM District is intended for an entire school district, and is managed by our partners at Riverside Insights. For details and pricing information about this version, please visit Riverside Insights.

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