How long does it take to complete a test?

Progress Monitoring

For the math, vocabulary, and reading comprehension tests (online tests) students can start, leave, and even come back and finish a test later. Once a student logs back on, the test will pick up where the student left off.

The Progress Monitoring Basic Math tests usually take about 13-15 minutes for students to complete though the timing of math tests is left up to the teacher. Timing of the test is whatever the teacher decides, it’s just important that the teacher be consistent. For Basic Reading tests, timing of the test is also whatever the teacher decides, but in general students are able to finish in about 20 minutes. The Proficient Reading tests normally require about 25-30 minutes for second graders and 30-45 minutes for 3rd-8th graders to complete.

Benchmark Tests

We recommend that the Benchark assessments be administered following a standardized timing protocol, such that all students taking the tests have approximately the same amount of time to complete them. Of course, if a student’s IEP stipulates that they should receive extended time for testing, they should be granted that extra time to complete their easyCBM tests as well.

Generally speaking, we recommend allotting 15 minutes for the Vocabulary tests, 20-30 minutes for the Basic Reading tests, 45 minutes for the Proficient Reading tests, and 30 minutes for the Basic and Proficient Math tests.

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