How do I know what tests are assigned to a student and what tests they've taken

The easyCBM system collects and displays various types of student information and groups it into several sections in your account. You can look at what tests a student has been assigned, view a summary of tests they've taken, and review the scored results of their testing,

Progress monitoring tests are assigned by the teacher, while benchmark tests (Deluxe account only) are assigned by the program and controlled by a date range setting managed by the account holder.

What Tests are Assigned

Progress Monitoring Measures

Assigned student tests are displayed under both the "Measures" tab, and through the student login

portal (like the benchmark measures).

By going to the "Measures" tab and clicking on the grade of the test, a drop-down list of possible

tests will become visible.

If you scroll down the page until you locate the name of the assessment with its checkmarked blue

box displayed to the left of the Take Online option along with other blue checked boxes indicating

groups to take this test.

Benchmark Measures

When the benchmark window is open, determined by the account holder with a setting in their

account, the program will automatically assign benchmark tests to students.

Where to View Assigned Tests

Rather you progress monitoring or benchmark tests, all assigned and available tests can be view in

the same location, the student login portal. To login as a student to to your Measures tab and ckick

on the blue https address listed in the dark gray box ( your username),

Here select the Group, Student Name, and then a drop-down lists of assigned test will appear to

view. Those that have been taken will be grayed out and and have "Done" listed after its name.

What Tests are Taken

To see what tests students have taken, go to and click on the Students tab on your dashboard. In the Students column on the right go to the blue magnifying icon just to the right of your student's name and click on it.

A drop-down menu will appear. Scroll down the page to the Assessment History. Here is a list of all of the tests a student has taken. This list will match all of the assessments displayed on the student's individual report.

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