How do I select data to view?

There are two types of data to view. You can view a past year of benchmark tests (Deluxe accounts) and/or or limit the scope of data on an individual report.

Benchmark Tests​​

For benchmark tests, go to the Reports tab and click on the Benchmark tab, then Benchmark Scores tab. Next​​​​. Click on the season (Fall, Winter, Spring), then select a subject, then click on a grade. Near the top of the page select an academic school year. The scores for that school year will appear.

Individual Report

You can select to view: This Year, Last Year, and All Data

The easyCBM program saves all data associated with a student. There is a setting you can select to limit or expand the amount of student data you can view.

If you login to your account and click on the Reports tab, then the Individual's tab, you will be directed to a page with a list of your students and the assessments they have taken.

If you click on a student name, there in the upper right hand corner of the page will be a selection option that includes This Year, Last Year, and All Data. If you select the This Year option, you will only be able to view the assessments the student has taken for the current academic year.

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