Regrouping Students in a Group

At the beginning of the school year your student's grade in school needs to be advanced. The program does not automatically do that. Another item that may need to be advanced or changed is the group a student is in.

For instance, if your students are grouped by grade, and you advance their grade in school, you will also need to reorganize them into different groups. If not, the confusion comes in when a student selects their group name (when logging in to take their tests) and they have not been advanced in their group, their name will not appear for test selection.

There are two ways you can regroup your students. Both involve working under the Students tab, located on your dashboard.

The first option is to reassign students to a new group by clicking and un-clicking your students within each group . The second option is to remove the group​​​​​​ all together, create new groups, and then click on the box next to the left of each student's name that belongs in that group.

The easiest method is to delete a group, and ONLY delete the group names in the Groups column on the left. As long as you just delete the group, it will only delete the group and not the students and their data.

To assign students to groups, first add a group name in the “Groups” column. To do this, login to your account and go to the Students tab. Below the Managing your Students paragraph there is a column on the left-hand side called Groups. To the right side of this column called Groups, is a + sign in the green box. Click on this icon and a blank box will appear. Enter the name of the group you desire.

Now go to “Students” column on the right-hand side. With the desired group name highlighted (highlighted will appear in black) click on the small box to the left of the student’s name in the Students column. This will produce a √ (check mark) in the box and highlight the student's name in black. This assigns a students to that group. Repeat this procedure until all of the students in a given group, have a checked box next to their name and they are highlighted in black.

Once students are assigned to a group, they should be able to select the tests assigned to them.

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