What happened to my student's benchmark data from last year?

For returning Deluxe account holders: the historic benchmark data has undergone a change after July 1, 2023. If you login to your account and go to the Reports section to the Benchmark Scores, you will not see your past benchmark data until you update your students to the new school year.

This is due to the system not being able to calculate the correct student grades for 2022-2023 until the user updates the students to 2023-2024. Since the program doesn't have historical enrollment info, the system thinks last year's grade is this year's grade until the user updates it.

The Parent Report, however, is intended to only cover the results of a current academic year’s data. The system gets reset each summer and does not pull data after an academic year has ended (June 30th).

If your students have not been updated, the benchmark and progress monitoring data always exists in the student's Individual Report and Assessment History.

Individual Report

If you login to your account and go to the Reports tab and then double click on the Individual's tab, you will find a list of Students. Now double-click on the student's name, (and not the Parent Report listed over to the right of the student names for Deluxe users), you will see all of the student's graphed results. You can also choose to look at just This Year, Last Year or All Data, and if you have benchmark assessments, can select Benchmark Performance and Benchmark History tabs to see benchmark student data. This report contains all of the tests the student has ever taken and you can determine the range of tests to see/print.​​​​ Notice if you have a Deluxe account with benchmark data there are tabs here to review a student's benchmark performance and history.

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