Which easyCBM Program should I choose?

We have 3 different versions of easyCBM and this support site handles the Lite and Deluxe version. Our district partners manage the easyCBM district accounts. To find out about and/or sign up for a District account, you will work with our partners at Riverside Insights. Please visit Riverside Insights for more information.
Technically the Lite and Deluxe versions are for single teacher application though a small school, with less that 200 students (the maximum total of students per account) could share one account. The same teacher login would be shared among those using one account. Multiple accounts cannot be merged so the data for more than one account will serve only that account. You will need to work with Riverside Insights for details on their version but their application has no limit on students numbers and teachers have their own login access. Also, teachers can be connected to multiple schools as the district account contains all of the schools within a district.

The Lite and Deluxe versions do not have student accounts. They are single teacher accounts with a limit of 200 students. Two accounts cannot be merged together or data transfer from one account to another. It is a single teacher application tool. A single teacher account can be shared between teachers in a small school but there is a 200 student limit, no way to merge or share information between accounts, and all teachers sharing one account use the same login information.

The Lite account is a free progress monitoring program with a limited amount of measures. The Deluxe version has an annual fee of $49.99 per year, has both more numbers of and types of measures, and include a benchmark screener (a test given to students at their grade level. Students performing below grade use only the progress monitoring measures. These screeners do not determine at what grade your student is performing at).

You contact the Lite/Deluxe version via the support@easyCBM.com website. The district version is through the Riverside Insights website.

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