Troubleshooting: Why can't I see my student names when manually entering data?

When you go to manually enter student responses into the system and you see no scoresheet with student names come up, it means either you have not activated or assigned students to a group or you need to choose a group name that contains the students you are entering data for.

Once you go to the Measures tab and select a test and then select "Enter Scores:, you should see a drop-down menu to Enter data for which group? It is here you select the student group for entering test scores.

Once you select a group, and the click on Go, a scoresheet will appear with the name of all of the students in your chosen group. Here you can enter the scores then make sure to click on the Save or Save All button. If you find you have not created a group for the students you are testing, then you will need to go back and create one before a score/scores can be entered.



Grouping Students

Grouping students organizes them for testing and reports. You can create as many "groups" as you’d like and students can exist in multiple groups.

In the “Groups” column, click on the green “+” button. A blank box will appear at the bottom. Give the group a name then click on the green checkmark box to the right.

All of your students are automatically listed in the All Students group. To activate and assign a student to an additional group, first click on a Group name, then go to the Student column and check the corresponding box to the left of their name. If you want to check what students are in which group, click on the Group name in the left-hand column and those students in that group will be highlighted in black and have a white check mark in a blue box to the left of the student name. If you do not assign a student to a group, the student’s name will not display when measures are assigned to that group, and he/she will not be able to login and take an assessment.

To assign students to groups, select the group you would like in the "Groups" box. Then in the "Students" box click on the small box to the left of the student's name (this adds a √ check mark and assigns students to that group). Once students are assigned to groups, you will see when you click on the group, only the students in that group will be highlighted.

Now when you go to the Measures tab and select a test to enter student responses,  and choose a group name, a scoresheet with student names will appear.

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