About Group Reports and Item Analysis

Group Reports

Teachers can create an unlimited amount of groups and assign students across groups. The teacher can then select which groups are included in the reports. The depth of group reporting functionality is a unique feature of easyCBM.

Group Reports can be used to help with data collection; they can be exported in a .CSV format (which allows them to be opened using Excel) so that users can further compile and sort data, create graphs, and import the data into other programs. Group Reports include data for assessments taken and percentile scores. Clicking on specific reports leads users to a graphical breakdown of group and student performance. The following figure shows a sample Group Report.

Sample Group Report

When you select the Group report, you have access to detailed information about the specific tests your students have taken. The number of tests that have been administered (by type of measure) as well as the average score on each of the measures is indicated in the table. In the event that student data are collected over multiple school years, you may select which data (e.g., last year, this year, or all years) are included in the group reports.

Group Report

To get to the reports, click on the name of a test that your students have taken and then scroll down the page to view the reports.

The bar graph displayed in the Group Report (by measure type under the CBMs section) provides information regarding the heterogeneity of student performance on a specific assessment. If the students’ scores cluster together in a single similar skill grouping, it is likely that teachers can effectively meet students’ instructional needs with whole-class instruction.

When you have one or a few students who score significantly lower (or higher) than their peers, they may need to investigate opportunities to differentiate instruction to better meet their specific skill-based needs. These reports are intended to assist with grouping for instructional interventions.

                                  Group Summary Report

For student groups of ten or fewer students, a line graph is also generated. While the bar graph above provides a representation of students’ performance on a single test, the line graph provides information regarding students’ performance on the specified measure type over time (e.g., Math Applications; see Figure 42). The date the assessments were administered is plotted along the x-axis. All tests within the specific measure type that have been administered to the student are plotted. Information derived from this graph may be used to compare the group’s response to intervention and ascertain the effectiveness of the intervention support. For example, if all students are demonstrating improvement, one may conclude that the intervention support is effective. If only some students are demonstrating improvement, it may be necessary to adjust the intervention for those who are not making progress.

                                   Group Line Graph

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