Troubleshooting: The printed tests don’t show student responses, just the blank choices.

This problem is not with the program but rather the printer and web browser you use.

Here are two suggestions:

The first suggestion is to open the test and to save it as a pdf, then print it. On my Mac laptop I just press print and the pop-up printer window gives me the choice to save the document as a pdf. It saves a pdf version on my desktop.

The second suggestion is to look at the print settings in your browser. Both Vocabulary and Math utilize a color system to differentiate between correct and incorrect responses. This format is slightly different for the Proficient Reading Comprehension measures.

Your web browser tries to save you ink when printing, and sometimes the setting for printing the background is turned off. Because of the difference in page format, the math, Basic Reading, and vocabulary tests do not show up when this setting is off but the Proficient Reading comprehension does.

If you adjust this setting on your computer, you should be able to print the tests with the responses.

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