What Happened to the CCSS Tests?

In 2021, researchers at the University of Oregon completed a major study of the alignment between the easyCBM measures and the content standards of all 50 states as well as the Common Core State Standards. Based on this study, as well as several years’ worth of analyses of the ways in which the different measures were being used and were functioning, we updated the system to reflect the most current empirical evidence related to the assessments.

The measures formerly known as CCSS Reading have been re-named Basic Reading. Those formerly known as MCRC Reading have been re-named Proficient Reading.

The measures formerly known generically as “math” have been re-named Basic Math. Those formerly known as CCSS Math have been re-named Proficient Math.

You can access the alignment study results at: https://www.brtprojects.org/publications/technical-reports/

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