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We’d like to integrate Easy CBM to ClassLink. When will this be fully implemented?

The current plan is to add single sign on capabilities in the District version of easyCBM, but not the teacher 
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May 11th, 2022 ... [ ]

How do I find my “free token” so I can sign up for the WrightRightNow program?

The “free token” for the Deluxe WRN system is available through the user’s easyCBM Deluxe (or District) account. Log into 
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April 12th, 2022 ... [ , ]

I have some students that are performing higher than their current grade in school. I want to test them at a higher grade but need your help doing that.

Our easyCBM program is really set-up as a tool to identify lower performing students not those performing above grade. That 
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March 31st, 2022 ... [ , ]

In easyCBM testing we use only one probe but we have a few veteran teachers asking why we aren’t using 3 probes as before. Why is it different now?

In a way, both groups are correct. There were two assessment programs that used easyCBM measures. They are easyCBM and 
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March 25th, 2022 ... [ , ]

I need to be able to test students both manually and online. Can your program do this?

We do have both hard copy AND online access to student testing. We realize the need for both. In fact 
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March 18th, 2022 ... [ ]

I am looking to use easyCBM Deluxe at our school. What information can you provide me about the program?

First I want to make sure that the Deluxe version of easyCBM fits your needs.. This support site offers the 
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March 16th, 2022 ... [ , , , ]

On our school assessments, students can read questions before taking tests but they can’t on easyCBM. Can you offer a suggestion for us?

Teachers can print the questions through the PDF if they want to have students read them prior to taking the 
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March 15th, 2022 ... [ , , ]

How do I test my students to determine what grade they are performing at?

If you already know your students are not performing at their grade level, and you have the Deluxe version, just 
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March 15th, 2022 ... [ , ]

Which easyCBM Program should I choose?

We have 3 different versions of easyCBM and this support site handles the Lite and Deluxe version. Our district partners 
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March 14th, 2022 ... [ , , ]

Troubleshooting: When I try to create an account or renew my subscription, I keep getting an error message and nothing is processed

Usually this problem occurs when a firewall at the school blocks the processing of requests. We suggest trying to create 
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March 3rd, 2022 ... [ , ]