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Writing Measures

We currently do not offer writing measures.

We continue to explore ways in which to create writing measures. An integral part of the easyCBM system is the empirical foundation on which it is built. All of the measures have been developed with rigorous attention to ensuring the technical adequacy of the measures — their reliability of the scores as well as their validity for screening and progress monitoring.

We have discussed the possibility of adding writing measures, but have not yet been satisfied with the technical adequacy of writing CBMs. The most genuine writing measures depend on human ability to evaluate writing quality (although some use the metric of ‘words written per minute’ or ‘correct word sequences written per minute’, we’re not satisfied that those approaches to measuring writing adequately capture the construct. More authentic writing assessments may end up with less reliable scoring, however, as opinions on ‘quality’ can vary quite a bit depending on the person doing the evaluating.

Last Updated: November 21st, 2019
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