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Troubleshooting: I administered 7 tests but only 5 data points are showing up on the graph. What’s wrong?

The problem is in when the data was manually entered.

In the column to the immediate right of the Teacher Data Entry column, is the date a measure was recorded in the system. The column to the right of that is when the test was finished. Because our measures in a given skill set or type, like Passage Reading Fluency, should not be administered more than once in a day, the program can only record one score for that day. There are 3 scores showing that were finished on the same day. Since 3 scores cannot occupy the graph on the same day, only one score is recorded, thus showing 5 of the possible 7 scores.

Our system does date stamp when a student takes a test. The system defaults to the date a test is entered into the system. This holds true if you are manually entering student responses unless you adjust the date at the time the scores are being recorded.You can adjust the date a student took a progress monitoring measure once the test is recorded but not for benchmark tests. In order to do this, you will need to first delete the test and then re-enter it. Before you delete anything, you will want to record the existing scores and responses so they can be re-entered at the correct date.

To see a date stamp of when a test was taken, along with a compiled list of student assessments, and have the ability to delete a measure, login to your account and go to the Student tab. Next locate the student name in the “Students” column to the right. To the right of the student name there is a blue magnifying glass icon. Click on that icon and a summary list of assessments for that student will appear in a drop down window.

If the assessment information is not immediately visible in the window, scroll down the page to find the list. Assessments that have a season in their title (Vocabulary 3_Fall) are benchmark tests and those that end with an underscore and number (Reading Comprehension 4_1) are progress monitoring measures.

In this setting, there is also an option to delete a student record. If you look to the right of the measure name you will see a trash can icon. If you select a measure for deletion, a pop-up window will ask, Are you certain you want to remove this test?  If you click OK, the measure will permanently be deleted from your account.

To re-enter and set a date for when a student took a progress monitoring measure, other than the current date, you will need to go to the “Measures” tab. Next select the grade and measure to be taken. In order to select a date other than the current date, select the enter scores option rather than take online.

Next set the date a student took the test, enter the student responses/scores, then click save.  The manual test date entry will be reflected on the student’s individual student graphs.

Please note that our measures in a given skill set or type, like Passage Reading Fluency, can only be administered once in a day. So if you are catching up on entering several of one type of measure, and you do not adjust the date for when each one was taken, the program will only record one score for that day. While the scores will appear in the Student’s Assessment History, it will only graph one data point for that day.

If you adjust the dates the tests were entered, you should be able to see them recorded in the student’s graphs.


Last Updated: December 2nd, 2020
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