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Can I change or edit the date a test was taken?

You can change the date a student took a progress monitoring measure but not a benchmark one. Benchmark dates cannot 
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September 30th, 2020 ... [ , , ]

I have low-performing students, how do I administer benchmark tests to them?

Benchmark testing in this case would not be advised. In the context of our program, these tests are just screeners. 
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September 22nd, 2020 ... [ , ]

How do I remove a test or measure and un-assign it to a group or student?

Think of this task as un-assigning a measure to a student or a group. You will need to work backwards 
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September 18th, 2020 ... [ ]

Getting to Know the easyCBM Program

Here is the progression for learning about, setting up, and using the easyCBM system for testing. 1. Resource Tab-To get 
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September 15th, 2020 ... [ , , , ]

Starting a New School Year (Returning Account Holders)

At the beginning of each school year, returning account holders need to advance students from last year's grade to their 
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September 14th, 2020 ... [ , , ]

Why are last year’s benchmark test scores showing up in this year’s records?

Students need to be advanced a grade in the fall as the system does not automatically do that. This may 
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September 10th, 2020 ... [ , , ]

How do students login and take an online test?

First, the teacher assigns an online test to a group or a specified student. Next, the teacher provides the account 
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April 9th, 2020 ... [ , ]

How do I remove the online tests that students see?

When you assign an online test to a student, or a benchmark test is assigned by the Deluxe version, a 
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April 6th, 2020 ... [ ]

How can I tell what online assessments have been assigned to students?

To see what assessments have been assigned, go to the Measures tab, select the grade, then scroll down through the 
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April 3rd, 2020 ... [ , ]

Availability Hours for Online Tests

When you get this message, it is because a default setting has been changed in your account. You will need 
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February 25th, 2020 ... [ , , , ]