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In the Student Assessment History, what is the difference between a check mark or yes indication in a student completed test?

The white check mark in the blue box is when the student has taken the test online. Yes/No is when 
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January 29th, 2021 ... [ , ]

Can I adjust or edit a benchmark score once it is taken?

You can adjust a benchmark score after a student has taken it but it may take some thoughtful consideration depending 
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January 21st, 2021 ... [ , , ]

Troubleshooting: Only one test score showing when multiple tests have been manually entered.

A problem occurs when multiple tests scores of the same test type are manually entered into the system on the 
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January 8th, 2021 ... [ , ]

Troubleshooting: “Sorry We’re Closed” message

When you get this message, it is because a default setting has been changed in your account. The default setting 
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November 18th, 2020 ... [ , ]

Troubleshooting: Why can’t I see my student’s test scores that I assigned them?

The place to start is to walk through the testing process. First, go to the Students tab and then look 
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November 16th, 2020 ... [ , ]

Troubleshooting: Why are my students not able to remotely login to their portal and take their tests?

Does a teacher's username have a space, apostrophe, or other non-alpha numeric symbol in it? Items like a space could 
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November 13th, 2020 ... [ , ]

Timing of Tests

The timing of math and multiple choice reading comprehension tests is left up to the teacher, it’s just important to 
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November 13th, 2020 ... [ , , , ]

How do I unassign or clear the list of tests a student can take?

To unassign or clear an online progress monitoring measure, go to the “Measures” tab and click on the grade of 
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November 10th, 2020 ... [ , ]

How do I view a student’s test responses and see what they got right or wrong?

You can view the actual student test, which shows the correct/incorrect answers, by logging in to your account and going 
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November 7th, 2020 ... [ , ]

Our Benchmark Tests are Screeners and Not for Off-Grade Testing

Our easyCBM benchmark measures are designed to be administered as screening assessments to identify students at risk, at their actual 
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October 26th, 2020 ... [ , , ]