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Total Number of Measures in Each easyCBM Program

The total number and types of measures available to easyCBM users is dependent on the which version of easyCBM you 
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November 8th, 2021 ... [ , ]

How do I know what benchmark tests are available for students to take?

The benchmark tests are different from the progress monitoring measures in that you do not assign benchmark assessments, the system 
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September 14th, 2021 ... [ , , , ]

Which basic and proficient reading and math measures should we give?

In terms of difficulty, the Basic Math tests (both Benchmark and Progress Monitoring) are designed to be easier than the 
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August 20th, 2021 ... [ , , , ]

What do the test or measure number in the title mean?

Assessments that have a season in their title (Vocabulary 3_Fall) are benchmark screening tests and those that end with an 
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May 28th, 2021 ... [ , ]

We have taken all the tests. How can I retest my students?

Although we understand some schools and states may require weekly data points for their students, it is not how the 
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January 29th, 2021 ... [ , , ]

Timing of Tests

The timing of the easyCBM progress monitoring tests is left up to the teacher, it’s just important to be consistent. 
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November 13th, 2020 ... [ , , , ]

Will easyCBM ever separate fiction vs. non-fiction reading assessments?

With the addition of the Deluxe version of easyCBM, we added a whole array of nonfiction reading to our system. 
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November 4th, 2020 ... [ , ]

How can I tell what online assessments have been assigned to students?

To see what assessments have been assigned, go to the Measures tab, select the grade, then scroll down through the 
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April 3rd, 2020 ... [ , ]

Does easyCBM have RAN or Rapid Automatized Naming Tests?

RAN or Rapid Automatized Naming is the ability to quickly name aloud a series of familiar items. The district version 
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January 14th, 2020 ... [ , , ]

Does your system date stamp when a test is given and can I change it?

Our system does date stamp when a student takes a test. The system defaults to the date a test is 
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December 19th, 2019 ... [ , , , , ]