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Learn how to administer the easyCBM measures to your students and more

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How to use EasyCBM Learn about EasyCBM measures

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Teachers Manual

PDF Teacher Manual

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User Manual

You may use this guide to help you administer assessments to your students: easyCBM Teacher Deluxe Users Manual

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What is a list of easyCBM addresses to allow through fire wall?,,, and if the firewall administrators will allow it, *  

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How often should I administer assessments?

How often teachers assess students depends on two key questions: How quickly is it reasonable for teachers to expect to 
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How do I determine which progress monitoring measure to use?

The easyCBM assessments are built on a scale of progressive difficulty, with each grade level becoming more challenging, and each 
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Purchasing a Teacher Deluxe account

If you are new to the easyCBM system and want to purchase a Teacher Deluxe account, you will first need 
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How long does it take to complete a test?

Progress Monitoring For both the math and multiple choice reading comprehension tests (online tests) a student could start, leave, and 
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Student login

Students login to access their assigned assessments at: your username. This link is also located in your account under 
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