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Deleting a Student from an Account

When you want to remove a student from an account, be aware this will permanently remove this student from your 
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January 2nd, 2021 ... [ , ]

Deleting a Group from an Account

When you want to remove a group from an account, only the group will be removed. The students who were 
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January 2nd, 2021 ... [ , ]

Troubleshooting: My virtual pen on my Chromebook will not work with easyCBM. What should I do?

Some users rely on TextHelp products like read&write to mark up PDFs. There seems to be a bug in one 
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December 18th, 2020 ... [ , ]

I have have read aloud accommodations for a student, is there an option for the assessments to be read aloud?

If the student has read aloud as an allowable accommodation, then the teacher (or assistant) can read the comprehension and 
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December 10th, 2020 ... [ , , ]

Can multiple teachers share one account and/or create separate or multiple logins?

The easyCBM Lite and Deluxe accounts are considered individual teachers accounts that have a limit of 200 students. We created 
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November 6th, 2020 ... [ , ]

Can I change or edit the date a test was taken?

You can change the date logged for when a student took a progress monitoring measure but not a benchmark one. 
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September 30th, 2020 ... [ , , ]

Do your reports support the RTI model and provide teachers with recommendations based on different tiers?

The easyCBM system, in particular the District version (which is managed through Riverside Insights, was developed to support districts implementing 
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June 18th, 2020 ... [ , , ]

Availability Hours for Online Tests

When you get this message, it is because a default setting has been changed in your account. You will need 
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February 25th, 2020 ... [ , , , ]

How do I find out if a student is at risk?

Overall, risk is not an either/or situation as both the raw score and percentile rank viewed over time are important when interpreting students’ performance 
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February 24th, 2020 ... [ , , , , ]

Deleting a Student from a Group

To remove a student from a group, login to your account and click on the Students tab. Next, click on 
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February 5th, 2020 ... [ , , ]